Christmas in Vegas

Check ot our Vegas Photos here…

We’ve been back from our nice Christmas trip to Las Vegas for around a week now, and I just posted our photos on my website. Becca and I arrived on Christmas morning, and the nice receptionist at our hotel let us check in at 11, which I great, cause we didn’t feel like lugging our bags around for another hour. We got the top floor, you can see our nice view here.

Of course we were a little tired coming in – we took the red eye leaving at 3am or so. So, we had a relaxing Christmas after we checked in. We promptly hit the hot tub and ordered a couple of Bloody Mary’s.

Speaking of the hot tub, it was right next to the pool of course – which was surrounded by a shark tank! On our last day there we took the elevator up to the 3rd floor to take the water slide which passed straight through the tank.

Becca’s sister Christa came to join us on the 26th – and we wandered all over the city visiting the new Wynn and a few other hotels.

And yes, there was gambling. We probably blew $100 on those video blackjack and roulette machines. Not so good. Christa and I also blew $60 or so when we hit the blackjack tables oh well.

While I was feeling discouraged, I think she won some of that money back. The next day though when Christa was gone – team Gomez Farrell hit the tables. Becca armed with $60 and I with $20. We each walked away earning over $120 from the Blackjack and Roulette tables. Becca hit the jackpot on some penny slots as she put in a dollar and came out with $20. So all in all, we came out pretty even – though it was pretty fun to win all that cash in the end.

And of course we both came down with stomach bugs that took us a week to get over. I think we’re done with Vegas for now. Maybe we’ll take advantage of our passports next trip.