Music Visualization and Papervision

After watching Simon Free’s Papervision demo at NCDevCon today, I just had to post an old demo I did when I first got my hands on Papervision a couple of years ago. It’s a really cool project (Papervision that is), and I hope to play with it again real soon.
In this demo, you drive around a submarine through the sea, and various fish come into your view. But then a James Brown song comes on, and all the fish start dancing to the music. Different fish listen to different frequencies. It’s fun, but driving the submarine is very hard, because you can lose it off screen….

Anyway – spacebar to make the submarine go, and arrow keys to make it turn (arrow keys are relative to which way the sub is facing)

Papervision Beats (with Dancing Fish)

(by the way, thanks to Troy and Iris Stratton for getting me started with PV3D and Blender!)