Brand New for 2008

I’ve had for awhile, probably since 2001 or so. It’s always been a portfolio site, so I can direct potential employers to view my work. Though, I’ve recently decided to change the focus of the site.

You see, I’ve been working at the same place for four and a half years now, which is quite insane since the longest job I ever had was a year. It’s just my bad luck I guess, and the nature of the career I’m in. The places I work at keep going under (and this includes the grocery store in Spencer, MA that I worked at in junior high school).

Anyway, I’m really not planning on quitting or getting fired anytime soon, soooooo I don’t really have much need to find a new job. I’ll still keep my portfolio and resume current because you really never know, but as is, there really wasn’t much point of me keeping a website going.

So, with no need for a new job, I realize that I am doing a lot of cool things at my job and in my free time. I also realized that my old site didn’t lend itself to being updated very often with new goings ons. So I’m switching my front page to a blog. The blog will be half personal stuff and half professional stuff. The personal stuff, well…you know, all that stuff my family and friends wanna see – like new photos and life in general. The professional stuff will be a mix of technical articles, projects that were finished at work, and side-projects I’m working on now.

As an expert in Adobe software products, and as the Raleigh Durham Adobe User Group manager, I hope to offer some informative posts. Anyway it’ll be a mix.

My interests for 2008 are shaping up to be a mix of web comic creation, photo managing software in Flex/AIR, interactive music experimentation, and a social networking type idea. More or less on these as they do or don’t pan out (translation: if I do or don’t get bored of the ideas in my head).

Anyway, that’s where I’m taking this site. I’m sorry to be so trendy and have a blog, but that’s what happened. I also happen to have a decent Photo album here. I’ll be adding lots more photos soon, and I’ll make my wife do the same. I’ll also be organizing my portfolio in the same way so that I can ditch the “Coming Soon” page. But that’s a lot of organization – I just finished the fun work of learning XHTML/CSS design for the website, and Flex 3/AIR for my photo album management. The rest of the work will just be boring stuff, so hopefully I don’t slack off.

I expect to have some posts in January on some cool stuff I’m working on, as well as some photos of me and my wife’s trip to Vegas over the Holiday.