A Codie Award to add to my resume!

The 2008 Codie Awards have been announced.  Little did I know that a project I played a major part in was at least nominated for a couple Codies, we actually WON the award for “Best Instructional Solution for Students at Home”.  Pretty nifty, and its just the latest in a series of awards for the Pokemon Learning League.

So far the awards have been the Codie, a 2007 Outstanding Products Award from iParenting, a 2007 Best Educational Software Award, and we were a finalist for Distinguished Achievement from the Association of Educational Publishers.

I won’t go into the “making of” in the least, cause you know, it’s safe to assume that most clients don’t appreciate any ups and downs of working with them made available in a public forum.  But…..pretty nifty anyway right?

The project is:

And of course, yes I played a good part in it, but there were plenty more people involved at the company I work for 360KID.

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