2015 Intentions

This past year and a half have been a little busy for me. I’ve moved to the Bay Area, moved again to Oakland, started a new job, and had a steady stream of speaking gigs at conferences.

It’s now March 2015 and my blogging has dropped off quite a bit. Back when I was doing this regularly, I really enjoyed learning something new and sharing it right away so someone else could learn as well. Hell, I’ve even gone back to my own blog posts to remember how to do something.

Prior to this, my blog had been getting heavy on the JS frameworks. I got quite a bit of traffic for the various Angular posts (in fact, folks are still visiting them quite a bit today).

Anyway, if you’ve been stopping by for the JS framework posts, THANKS! Frankly, though, as I’ve explored several application frameworks, there’s a bit of a revolving door as the new hotness is released. I’m a bit bored of exploring frameworks just because they exist. Personally, I just want to create – and the framework used is getting less and less interesting to me.

I may blog a little bit more about Polymer and Web Components, my new favorite creation tools. But what I’m REALLY interested in these days is 3D and VR. I’m far from an expert yet, but I’d love to share my experiments and thoughts as I continue.

As my schedule has died down a bit, I have some projects that I plan to pick up again, and a few more ideas I plan to start. Continuing forward, I definitely plan to keep working on SharkAttack and keep dropping weekly shows on CodebassRadio. I’ve got some cool ideas for this, my music aggregation tool. I’m also psyched to continue on with Sweatin to the Web. Being in the Bay Area, with lots of health and fitness startups could be awesome for this if I play my cards right. The first season of SttW was short and way too long ago, but I expect to start production on Season 2 this April.

I’ve got some new stuff in mind, too. I’ve been talking about writing a book forever, and its time to stop talking and start doing. I opened up a Gitbook account back in November, and perhaps I’ll blog a bit about trying to write something using Git. I’ve got a few other ideas for little projects here and there – but as I’ve mentioned, the new hotness is VR. I plan to incorporate some experiments with Sweatin to the Web and perhaps see where fitness and VR can intersect. VR certainly fits with getting up and moving (though maybe not much).

Either way, I’m excited to usher in 2015….albeit in March. But you know, I was busy! I just got cracking this weekend with a new minimalist blog look with actual GOOD typography. That little bit right there is enough to get me excited about the year ahead and motivate me to get going on all the stuff I wanna do.

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