Of Operating Systems and Toilet Paper

How often do we get into “The Great OS Debate” with our colleagues and friends?

“Mac OSX has a superior UI to Windows, and I’ll give you a point by point rundown why, along with diagrams”.

“Windows is better for productivity, OSX feels like a Fisher Price toy”

“Android sucks, it’s fragmented”

Whatever camp you’re in, you seem to be passionate about it.  As a tech savvy person, it’s easy to pick a camp and argue about it viciously.  Lately, I’ve been trying to accept all platforms equally – and while I certainly was guilty as an Apple hater before, I’d like to think I’m much more zen about things these days.  I dig your platform, whether it be Windows, Apple, Android, whatever.  All platforms have their good and bad points, and whether you can pick it up and use it to do the thing you’re trying to do is the important thing.

As I take a step back, its starting to remind me of the “Great Toilet Paper Debate”.  Which way do you hang your TP?  Some viciously argue over, and others viciously argue under.  Some will offer case by case arguments debating the merits of each.  Some have blog battles over it.   Some argue that over is more aestetically pleasing – supported by the fact that hotels go over to fold the edges and make it look even nicer.  Others argue the physics – there will be less tear if under because of the gravitational force.  Some argue that with the over style, it’s easier for children and pets to grab it and make a mess.  Others argue that under offers no wall clearance on some TP holders and will be less hygenic.

All in all, I find the argument a bit silly, and I’m coming round to thinking the same for OS’s.  Certain factors can definitely make sense to way in on whether you go over or under – the pets/children option makes sense to me.  But past that, it smacks of a silly battle – one that is GREATLY overthought.  In the end, does it matter if you go over or under?  To me, no – I can use it either way equally.  Neither way in practice offers me any great benefit over the other.  Any minor benefit offered, might be outweighed by other benefits – but to chart and plot and diagram why seems a wasted effort when you could just go with the flow and not pick a silly battle like that.


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