Sesame Street: Interactive Cable Television

This was quite the interesting project.  I was only a little involved the first year, and the second year this project resurfaced I created a new game.  And finally the 3rd year this project resurfaced, I managed the refresh and the new game that we added.

The reason that it was refreshed every year was to finish up in time for the Emmy’s.  This project was designed to run on a user’s cable set-top box, and as such won an Emmy nomination each of the three years.  We unfortunately lost the category as our client Sesame Street couldn’t match the big budget project that winners like NFL could put together.  Nevertheless it’s the project that makes me an Emmy nominee!

It worked by serving up Flash projects via a technology provided by Blue Streak out of Montreal.  It worked on newer cable set top boxes.  It was a GREAT experience tailoring our Flash games to remote control input and extremely low processor and memory restrictions for our heavily animated and voiced-over games.

Counting Eggs with Chicken Dance Elmo