Playground Discovery

Playground Discovery by AT KidSystems featured a loveable robot named Cosmo. Cosmo led kids around through various activities as they popped bubbles, flew around in a jetpack, and jumped on springboards.

popping bubbles with Cosmo
flying around in a jetpack with Cosmo

The action was driven via a hardware device they called “Mission Control” which featured 4 large pressure sensitive buttons, and a microphone used for volume detection to encourage kids to yell and cause an action to happen.

the "mission control" device

AT KidSystems wrote a Director Xtra that we at 360KID used to take advantage of the hardware piece. As was common to do at the time, the game was written in Flash, and wrapped in a Macromedia Director shell. The shell handled writing to databases for gameplay analytics, hardware control, login/logout, and loading the Flash based game modules.

The game was geared towards kids with learning disabilities and for parents to monitor the kids gameplay.