A History of Portfolios

I was just going back through the archives and digging up screenshots of old portfolio sites and CD’s.  Kind of embarrassing how bad things looked all those years ago, but it was in 1997, who can blame me!

My 1997 website hosted on my school’s webserver!

1998 – Same deal….still looks pretty bad even with the glassy effect!

A portfolio CD from 2000! I toted this one with me around NY and Boston for a few interviews as I was fresh outta college.

My year 2000 website – interactive breakfast themed!

I don’t even know what this was….no time?  I had an idea for Yellow5Labs in 2003 – a take on the additive food dye.  I killed it off, cause people thought I was really into labradore retrievers.  But not before going through a few more iterations….

In 2005, I seemed to get my act together to make something good looking.  The chemical compound flies across the screen with your mouse.  Hovering over it will zoom into the hexagon and load up a section of the site on the right

This is the final iteration of Yellow5Labs from 2008 or 2009.  As I said, I killed it off cause people thought I was into labradore retrievers.  I couldn’t find a screenshot, but here it is as a comp without copy.  The test tubes blow up as you mouse over (shooting up vertically).  And the cloud is the header, while the lab technician is the footer, with the part in-between expanding vertically with the copy.