Sweatin to the Web – NUI Presentation at NCDevCon

Hello!  If you’re here, you might have come to my NUI (natural user interface) presentation at NCDevCon.  NUI can mean anything from gesture input from your body, to speech control and anything that’s natural and intuitive.

We went NUI vs GUI in my presentation and the hardware behind it.   We discovered how to develop with it using a few different Javascript solutions.  In this post I’d like to link to a few things from my presentation for easy reference.

Early not really NUI hardware

Nintendo Power Pad

Dance Pad

Guitar Hero

Getting NUI-ier

Nintendo Zapper

Playstation Eye


Playstation Move

I also made mention of the Gamepad API for HTML5.

Primarily we explored the Kinect SDK and OpenNI as the hardware support for the Microsoft Kinect and Asus Xtion Pro.  We explored a few Javascript solutions for NUI:

I also went into a few rules from the Kinect for Windows Human Interface Guidelines.
Finally, I demoed a KinectJS Kickstart I put together on Github, as well as my Kinect enabled music discovery project called Blastanova.   Here’s my presentation slides as well!  Have fun with this stuff, it’s awesome!

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