Music Video Games – The Official Website

OK, I will be very interested to see how this plays out.  The site is Music Video Games.  I’m so curious in fact, that I’m analyzing and critiquing the SMALL amount of website they have up.

So, what I gather from press releases, is that Music Video Games will be a portal to deliver casual games with beat matching to popular songs (record label Rhino is getting involved).

Kind of cool, not quite the angle I’m thinking I’d like to go, but pretty dern close.   Like I said, it’s one to watch once it gets going, but right now I don’t have much to go on other than….

1.  Its lame logo… whats up with that?  If that’s the extent of the design skills, I’m not sure if it’s gonna be anything special

2.  It’s name – OK the spin with MvG, and comparing it to MTV, not bad – but why not just call your company MvG, the logo designs itself practically!

3.  Patents – I don’t know what kind of “patented beat matching” technology they came up with, but I’ve put a lot of thought into finding beats, and if it’s anything beyond the obvious methods I’m employing in my experimentation, more power too them,  but if not, I’m going to be very depressed for the world if they land a patent.

4.  The plan – A casual gaming portal?  I’m not sure if they’ll land a wide audience if they take some games and add music without a bigger hook.    I mean, its pretty cool and all, but once launched and the novelty wears thin, I wonder if they’ll really have much to differentiate themselves from a normal site.  Yah, each game will have lots of replay value due to songs they could mix and match if they’re smart – so we’ll see.  This is not really a criticism but curiosity I guess.

So, will this be successful?  Will we see innovative games?  Or will we see a bunch of rhythm games or guitar hero clones with an impressive music library on one site.

Only time will tell, I wish I wasn’t teased with the crappy splash page.  Oh well.