Positions Held

Adobe | Design Prototyping 2018 – present

Brought designs and concepts to life through design-led prototyping efforts, mainly on the web. Worked with Project Aero for Augmented Reality workflows, and Adobe Acrobat on their Machine Learning efforts. Gave two prototyping talks around the mixed reality space and led development efforts around a pro bono installation for the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego.


Adobe | Design Lab 2015 – 2018

Designed and implemented new project ideas with a small team of designers and developers. Mainly focused on Web based work, but also did desktop development with Unity. Every year one of my projects was featured at Adobe MAX Sneaks. Also gave internal talks and workshops on mixed reality, leading to a “Top 10” award for an “Intro to VR” session at our bi-annual tech summit. Our pro bono efforts with SFMOMA led to a Comm Arts award of excellence in 2017 for our “Self Composed” installation.


General Electric | Lead Design Technologist 2013 – 2015

At GE, my work mostly consisted of maintaining a family of products called the “GE Design System”. I worked with several groups representing different interests at GE including Healthcare, Marketing, and Industrial (power, water, gas, etc). Work included new components for the system, architectural decisions, a testing initiative, and more. The design system itself is meant as production ready HTML for customer applications, training, and design guidance. Other related initiatives I worked on included a font-icon creation tool, HTML5 video training material, and web consistency testing tools based on Grunt/NodeJS.


Digitalsmiths | Senior Software Engineer, 2008-present

My work at Digitalsmiths mainly included work as the lead developer on video players used on high profile sites like TMZ.com, theWB.com, and cwtv.com. In the beginning of my employment, I took 20+ Flash video players for our customer sites, and streamlined them down to one highly customizable video player product. The look and feel was customizable, as well as other things including which 3rd party ad platforms and reporting components were used. This accomplishment allowed us to work as a team and efficiently use our source control and continuous integration systems to make reliable releases of our product.

I continued on work with the CW and WB in project managing and developing iOS, Android, XBOX, Windows 8, and HTML5 video players.  Working with Turner Sports and the PGA, my project received an Emmy for innovative sports coverage.

I also regularly spent time communicating with clients and 3rd party vendors in meetings for integration planning and troubleshooting.

Aside from players, I also built end to end video web applications and demos using Flash, HTML5, Python, and MongoDB.


360KID | Senior Software Developer, 2003-2008

360Kid is a software development company dedicated to doing education and edutainment software. I have completed work for a number of high profile clients like the Sesame Workshop, Pokemon, Nickelodeon Jr, Discovery Channel, and the Princeton Review.

In addition to the big name clients, we’ve recieved some big recognition for our work as well. Our Sesame Workshop Cable Television projects earned us three Emmy nominations, one of which was earned by a project led by myself. Pokemon Learning League, also a project led by me, we’ve earned three educational awards and are still counting. I’d led and been a part of many more projects, always achieving success and earning client praise.

I’ve used a variety of tools and skills in our projects including Flash, Flex, Javascript, HTML, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET/C#, AJAX, Director, Zinc, and more. Typically our projects use Flash, and clean, understandable, organized code is essential. Also essential is the ability to work with our art team and make sure their vision comes through to the final product.

My graphic design and user interface design skills have come through as well. Though not part of my job description as a programmer, I often offer an educated opinion for how to design our projects. Every once in a while, I’ll even design them myself.

I’ve also received praise for being able to communicate complicated concepts to non-technical people. This can be very useful when talking with clients, or especially helping out with RFP’s.


ReadyAbout Interactive | Lead Multimedia Developer, 2001-2002

Worked with clients to develop multimedia ranging from educational children’s games to corporate websites. Heavily used Director and Flash to develop games and applications. Often worked with HTML, DHTML, ASP, SQL, and Javascript for corporate sites. Also, worked with other applications as needed (photoshop, illustrator, etc.).


JuniorNet | Junior Multimedia Developer, 2001

Worked with producers and other team members to deliver mu ltimedia content for kids on-line and on CD-ROM. Involved fixing bugs, creating standard behaviors, and creating activities for the web and CD-ROM. Software used includes Director 8 with advanced Lingo programming and Macromedia Flash.


the Academy of Electronic Media | Multimedia Developer, 1999

Involved producing mulitimedia projects for outside clients with Macromedia’s Director. Work involved Lingo programming, graphic design, and 3D work using OpenSpace 3D for Director.
Also used Flash and Illustrator for vector based work.


Project Links | Lead Director Developer, 1999

Worked on web pages for use in classroom learning. Full-time position included part-time HTML work using Dreamweaver and a little javascript programming. The other half of the position involved coming up with concepts for Shockwave applications and then implementing them. Also used OpenSpace 3D for 3D multimedia programming.


Idea Consultants | Multimedia Consultant, 1996-1998

Designing Multimedia for classroom use. Assisted professors in making programs to aid in the learning process.
Designed pieces using Director, Photoshop, Premier, Illustrator, 3D Studio MAX, and Softimage.