JSConf and cfObjective 2013

Guys and gals, I’m incredibly honored to be among the select group of folks speaking at not one, but TWO conferences in May.  I think JSConf is pretty self explanatory – it’s a Javascript conference.  I shouldn’t say this, as I really haven’t been to many Javascript conferences, but it’s probably the best damn JS conference in the country.  That’s what I hear anyway!

cfObjective is a little more of a head scratcher – you might have never heard of it if you’re not using CF!  I’m privileged to know some awesome and smart folks who love working with Adobe Coldfusion.  To be honest though, CF was never my cup of tea – nor was the server side for that matter.  However, I was fortunate enough to speak at cfObjective last year on their brand new “jsObjective” track.  The track is just peppered silly with some great minds talking about HTML/CSS/and Javascript – and I’m very lucky to be one of them again this year.  If CF IS your thing, well, there is no better Coldfusion conference, is there?!!

It’s just plain awesome to be speaking in two conferences such as these – let alone 2 weeks apart.  I’d say I feel like a rockstar….but that notion peaked in our industry, didn’t it?  I feel like the damn belle of the ball.

Anyway, I was looking over my topics on both sites beaming and throwing dollar bills in the air – and I thought to myself “These topic descriptions are technically true, and the most succinct way to write them up, but I just don’t know if I’m conveying what the audience will be getting into”.

So, let me clear the air!  I’ve been obsessed with two things since last fall – Google Ingress and Natural User Interfaces.  I’m obsessed with Natural User Interfaces because they combine user interfaces, graphics, rocket science programming, and cool gadgets.  Now my topic description says you’ll learn about the Kinect and Javascript.  The Kinect part is as true as a Kleenex is a tissue.

People are excited about the Kinect and know what the Kinect does.  When you say Kinect, many will have an understanding of what that is, and BASICALLY what it can do.  What if I said I was going to talk about an Xtion?  Or a Carmine?  Both are pieces of hardware just like the Kinect, but you’ve never heard of them.  And guess what?  They work on Windows, OSX, or Linux.

When I say we’re going to learn about the Kinect and Javascript – I don’t mean JUST the Kinect, I mean the whole motion sensor and natural interaction ecosystem.  I want to bring that ecosystem to my other obsession – web development.  And you know, when we talk about web development – we’re talking cross-platform.  So my presentation isn’t worth a dime, UNLESS we’re talking cross-platform.

So, yes – we’ll get gestures and hands and your entire skeleton tracking in the browser.  I’ll tell you briefly how you can get it there.  I fancy Node.js at the moment to do my bidding.  But really, I’ll give you the big picture on what you can do, how it all works, and fill you in on some nifty browser experiments!

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