Three Dee!

Back in college, I took a fair number of 3D animation classes.  We used a tool called Softimage, but if I remember right, I started out with 3D Studio MAX.  Anyway here’s a couple 3D renderings from back in the day

First off, some friends and I had this grand idea for an animation revolving around a mad scientist’s lab.  We never finished (and actually barely started if I remember right.  But I did a few lab equipment renderings.

Next, here’s my first 3D scene I ever did.  It was a tutorial out of a 3D Studio MAX book:

Finally, lets talk senior thesis!  I made up an entire legend of the Cancerbot 9000 project.  Since the cigarette companies couldn’t advertise to kids, they manufactured a fleet of robots to do it instead.  And the fake advertising propaganda ensues!



I actually forgot what the deal was here…but I was doing some Grocery store themed 3D animation that never panned out.  Here’s a still….but I do remember the final video being kinda trippy.