Or should I say….BIZKIDZ.COM!  The last site I worked on at 360KID finally went live (and out of beta even)!  Its been a long time coming, I think we started a year and a couple months ago?  I’ve since moved on and taken a new position at a video search company called Digitalsmiths here in RTP.  The reasons are numerous, though 360KID is still an awesome company, but I just had to move on to new challenges and other people to learn from.

Anyway, where was I?  So BIZKIDZ.COM is a site for kids to go and set up a storefront, and sell actual product from real online retailers.  Lots of retailers in fact, at least like 400 of em last I checked.  The idea was to create a virtual lemonade stand of sorts.  As a child with an account, you’d populate your store with products and decorations, and send links to family and friends.  If they buy anything through the store, the account holder gets commission!

It’s pretty cool – I ended up doing most of the front end.  We got some help from a great contractor – Clint Little, and J2 Interactive did our server side architecture.  What was great was that I got to touch every part of the project – I did 99% of the Flex (sorry Clint, but those initial designs we had you work on, I had to do them over when the client changed their mind, oh well….great job though!), and maybe 5% of the server side stuff, and most of the HTML.  And of course our talented art team at 360KID did some wonderful designs and illustrations.

I got a lot of Flex training on this, how to make a Flex application NOT look like a Flex application – all in all I think it was a job well done – and if I know BIZKIDZ, they’ll be continuing developing their site with 360KID to make it even better than we imagined at the beginning.