The Chuckles!

Still waiting on the final video, but this is part of my March Madness of projects. My year has been insane so far with way to much work. Like an idiot, when my friend Jason Burke asked if I could help out with a series of 30 or so illustrations to be finished in less than a month, I said yes!

But, it was fun. I hadn’t done illustration work in a while, and had just discovered the gradient mesh tool in Illustrator. The tool allowed me to make some cartoonish, yet 3D like drawings. Yes, I’m a perfectionist, so some didn’t come out as good as I’d like, but I’m happy with it overall.

First, I’ll show the one that creeped out my wife the most. This is the forced child clothing labor camp:

On the next drawing I learned to use the pattern brush in Illustrator a little better than my previous attempts at it.  It was incredibly useful for painting the leaves on in various configurations, and the grass as well.  And there’s tons more – but lots were small, here’s the rest I put in my portfolio:

Thats it!  I haven’t blogged since February, but I do have more projects coming down the line – they just need to launch.  I have worked hard this year, it’ll be nice when I have something to show for it.