Budget Hero

We just launched a new application at 360KID!  I wish I could say I did all of it, or even most of it, but I did step in to help a lot during the final stages – just so I can say I took all the credit from the project’s real programmer Clint Little.  I have a few Flex projects under my belt now, and they all look fantastic compared to most of the ones I’ve seen out there.  This one is no exception thanks to the great animation and illustration my company does.  I look forward to launching more and more Flex applications that have a fun look and feel.  We’re so close to launching our other projects, I’d love to show them since I was the main developer – but this one is another one to be proud of regardless of who did it.

This game called Budget Hero was developed for American Public Media, and allows you to play cards to adjust the federal budget and see if you can balance it.   Also allowing you to earn badges, you can see if you’re also doing your part to maintain the military, health care, etc.  It’s up to you to make sure the stuff you think is important doesn’t wither away and STILL maintain the budget.

Click to Play Budget Hero